Who We Are?


Golf’s newest fundraising activity

Upgrade your next tournament by adding an unforgettable experience for every player!  The Air Cannon launches golf balls over 300 yards.  Our goal is to provide a new and exciting experience guaranteed to raise funds for your charity and provide a memorable time that will help to secure players to come back year after year.

How It Works

  1. Our Staff will Manage the Tee Box for you
  2. Offer one of your Sponsors to be the talk of your Event by sponsoring this unique hole
  3. We set up on a Par 4 and the Air Cannon will give you the chance to reach the green in shot.
  4. If the entire foursome donates and misses the green they will be put on the green with a chance at EAGLE.
  5. $10.00 per shot (Usually a 90% Participation)

Why The Golf Air Cannon

We guarantee to make your next golf event a memorable one! 

Your players will be talking about this all day long!  It is completely safe, fun and an experience that everyone can participate in…shooting golf balls over 300 yards.

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